Client Testimonials

Paulin K.


I graduated from college in 2017 with almost no financial literacy. However, as a young person working in non-profit and ministry, I knew I needed be strategic about my finances. Sean taught me how to spend, save, and budget my money. With his direction and help, I now know how to maximize my saving for retirement and pay back my student loans more quickly than I could have ever expected. Much of what Sean taught me will help me not only in the short-term, but also in my long-term financial planning for the rest of my life! Thanks Sean for sharing your knowledge and for your guidance!

Michael O.

Navy Corpsman Veteran

I'm a 22 year old that thought I knew everything I needed to know about being financially stable. I've never been more wrong! I'm a young guy just getting out of the military and am now facing a financial crunch. I've always had stable income from the military but took that for granted. Sean showed me that keeping track of my finances and getting control of my spending habits can really set me up for success. With Sean's help, I now have an organized and workable budget that can help me stay financially stable and have financial freedom! If your finances have gotten out of control, I definitely recommend working with Sean to help get your finances back on track. Thank you so much Sean, I really appreciate it!

Sylvana H.

Medical Practice Liaison

This year, I moved into a new apartment, started a new job, and adopted a puppy. I was saddled with student loans and credit card debt. Suffice to say, Sean’s services were badly needed. I selected the gold package and can safely say it was worth every penny. Sean set me on the right track to financial freedom by helping me organize every detail of my finances and setting a comprehensive plan going forward. He understood my needs and preferences and let me set a flexible budget which allowed me occasional luxuries while still keeping me accountable. The snowball student loan payment plan in particular has helped me face this issue with confidence. Thank you Sean!

Joon L.

Medical Assistant

I used to know nothing about managing a budget and I was pretty much financially illiterate until Sean sat me down to go over how to manage a budget. Before I  even started to work full time Sean created a spreadsheet for me that itemized every single one of my expected expenses and gave me valuable tips on how to build credit, invest, and how to be an adult. I can't wait to put Sean's teachings into actions when I get my first paycheck this month. If you just graduated college, are having financial struggles, or even want to be financially successful, I implore you to reach out to Sean!

Angela M.

Fresh faced college grad

This class was a great introduction to the adult financial world. Learning about all that on your own can be overwhelming but Sean presents the information so that it's simple, logical, and easy to understand. I would highly recommend this to any newly graduated student just getting into the adult world. We went over all the basics, like budgeting and tackling student loan debt, to even more, like how to invest. I now feel so much more prepared!

Being a recent college graduate, I felt anxious about how to manage my finances - especially with the reality that I now had student loans waiting to be paid off. Sean was great in helping me put together a budget plan and in helping me understand a variety of financial topics. Since meeting with Sean, I've been more conscientious of where my money is going and feeling more confident and ready for my future!

Jamie C.

Web Design & Development Assistant

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