Mindful Money

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a financial coach?

A financial coach is an educator, mentor, and accountability partner in regards to personal finance. Keep in mind that due to the accountability aspect, a financial coach must be honest, direct, supportive, and challenging in order to help clients make positive changes in their lives.

Do you have a specific coaching qualification?

I am currently working on obtaining the Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI) certification from the National Financial Educators Council. I also have spent years reading personal finance books, developing spreadsheet tools to track spending and understand the details of big transactions, and adhering to a strict budget in order to pay down over $140,000 in student loans.

How do you charge for your coaching services?

I am purely fee based and I do not sell products of any kind. I do make recommendations, but I receive no commission for any recommendations I make. I have a few packages that provide a set of services for a flat fee, or you can request hourly consultation.

Where do you hold your coaching sessions?

I have designed my coaching to be held virtually, but if you are in the Northern Virginia area and would prefer in-person coaching, we can discuss meeting in person for an additional fee to cover gas and travel time.

How is client information used? Is it confidential?

The confidentiality of your information as a Mindful Money client is of great importance to me. All coaching sessions, conversations, emails, questionnaires and financial plans are strictly confidential and are not shared in any way or form.

Do you invest on behalf of your clients?

No, I do not invest on behalf of my clients neither do I offer any direct personal investment advice.

What payment methods do you accept?

I accept checks (in-person only), ACH transfers via Google Pay, and most major credit cards via Google Pay and Paypal. However, a 2% transaction fee will be added for any credit card transactions.