Coaching Packages

Gold package

Everything covered in the silver package, plus six months of support. The support consists of 30+ minute check-ins once a month after completing the silver package sessions and answer to any follow-up questions via email. The continuing support is especially important for those who have significant upcoming life changes or who need someone to keep them accountable in order to establish healthy spending habits.

Price:   $700

Silver package

Everything covered in the bronze package, plus an in-depth spending analysis. This is especially important if you have established poor spending habits and are intimidated by the idea of digging into the details of your spending or debt, student loan or otherwise. Typically done in two sessions totaling 4-6 hours.

Price:   $400

Bronze package

As part of this package, I will cover the basics of budgeting, investing, savings, credit, and debt. This includes understanding your paycheck and creating a budget based on  your circumstances. Typically done in one 3-4 hour session. This is also a great gift for a recent high school or college graduate.

Price:   $200

A La Carte

None of the packages work for you? Are you a couple interested in coaching? Do you need help with a new financial twist in your life? That’s alright! Whether you have a decent foundation with a few holes or you need help planning for a life event, hourly consulting may be just what you need. Please see the Package Comparison table for a list of services I have already created tools for. Need help with something not listed? I’m always happy to work with clients to plan for new situations.

Price:   $100/hr

Package comparison

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